Cooling Off At The Beach with Alexander Mikhail and Jennifer Valeria

BeautifulYouth Project Models Jennifer Valeria and Alexander Mikhail BeautifulYouth Project Model Alexander Mikhail After a VERY unseasonably warm week (temperatures over 100F every day!)… we headed to the coast with BeautifulYouth Project veterans Alexander Mikhail and Jennifer Valeria, where we were met with a lovely overcast day with temperatures reaching only into the 70’s.  A beach BeautifulYouth Project Model Jennifer Valeria secluded by cliffs brought the Pacific breeze in, and we had a great day exploring the beach and surroundingBeautifulYouth Project Model Alexander Mikhail cliffs.

Jennifer and Alexander, as usual, were fantastic, creating some absolutely fantastic portrait work… we hope you enjoy the work as much as we enjoyed our cool day at the beach!BeautifulYouth Project Model Jennifer Valeria

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