Month: October 2014

Tal Reaches 750 Milestone

BeautifulYouth Project veteran model Tal has reached the 750th catalog shot milestone! We’re very lucky to have such an awesome and poised model such as Tal, who brings her cutting-edge sense of fashion to every shoot. We’re always looking forward…

Final Stop LA: New Model Kylar

BY Project Model Kylar

Our final shoot of our awesome Los Angeles trip was with the BeautifulYouth Project’s newest model, Kylar. Starting on the beach in Santa Monica on an absolutely perfect Southern California day, Kylar impressed from the start with her natural grace,…

Beautiful Day on the Beach With Evan

BY Project Model Evan

Last weekend’s whirlwind tour through Southern California included a stop at the beach with BeautifulYouth Project model Evan. Perfectly at home near the water (Evan is a surfer), we took to the pier and the beach for some awesome shots…

Introducing New Model Alla

New BY Project Model Alla

The first stop on our Los Angeles tour was Beverly Hills – to shoot one of the BeautifulYouth Project’s new models for 2014, Alla.  After stopping for a pre-shoot coffee at the Beverly Hills Starbucks (and seeing more plastic surgery…

Zach Registers 500th Catalog Milestone

We’re excited to announce that BeautifulYouth Project model Zach has reached his 500th catalog shot milestone with the project.  Able to project both playful and serious notes, we have enjoyed watching Zach’s shots and contributions to the project.  Congratulations, Zach!

Jennifer Valeria Hits 1,250 Milestone

Jennifer Valeria has reached her 1,250th catalog shot with the BeautifulYouth Project.  Shoot after shoot, she continues to turn in wonderfully artistic and beautiful collaborations.  Congratulations to Jennifer, and we can’t wait to see what happens on the next shoot!