East Coast Happenings

This past weekend Cole and Dex, the BeautifulYouth Project’s East Coast adjunct photographers, gathered to shoot our East Coast models, Jacob and Bryson. Also on the docket for the day was BY’s newest model, JC (also from the East Coast). It sounds like they had a great day of shooting!

We’re very excited to have JC on board, and we look forward to many more shoots with this young talented model.

Here is an excerpt from Dex, reporting on the shoot:

As for the shoot…Jacob & Bryson met up with us … whenever I asked Jacob what he wanted to do with the shoot, he kept saying “SWIM!” And so he jumped into the water on two occasions for some shots. The other big event on the shoot was Jacob & Bryson walking the train tracks, both struggled staying on but both thought that it was strange and fun. And we were very mindful of the fact a train could come at any time (and actually did about 5 minutes after we got off the tracks.)
As Jacob finished his shoot, I ran into JC. They never crossed paths as Jacob wanted to take a break before shooting with JC, and we ended up shooting at two different park locations for JC’s shoot, so I was unable to get Jacob or Bryson in a shot with JC unfortunately. JC’s mom was VERY helpful with clothing suggestions and helping JC with expressions during the shoot…although JC is very much a natural. Whether it was doing backflips or just posing in the grass or on the playground equipment, JC always had a natural smile and was delightful to work with.

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