Some People Just Don’t Get It

The wonderful (not) rinkori has posted on LiveJournal some very unflattering remarks on some of the BeautifulYouth Project photos I’ve posted on DeviantArt.

At 18 (and just back from the prom), she feels it is her civic duty to warn the world about the BeautifulYouth Project. All this regardless of the fact that she turns out R-to-X rated crap like this. She is upset that youth in the BY Project’s pictures are showing anything but the sensual blankness that the right wing tells us magically disappears on your 18th birthday. But what of her own work? What about this? If you want to get into “pedo vibes” as she mellifluously writes, doesn’t this one represent “pedo-lesbian-vibes” (of course I’m only joking… but using her own set of standards to point out her hypocrisy)? In fact most of her nude, or “mature” art was posted before her own 18th birthday (4/17/07). So, by her standards then, she shouldn’t have even been able to conceive of anything nude or “mature” before then!

Another example here.
And here.
Here and here.
And this one is called “Ink Boy”. Wouldn’t it be more PC to call it “Ink Man”? Or maybe it is a boy.

Which all makes me think that she believes this type of expression is all fine and good, as long as you’re just drawing, and not photographing anything. If I put my models in some of the positions of this hypocrite’s art (which I wouldn’t dream of doing), she might have a point about her not wanting to trust me with any children. Otherwise, I would hope that she would grow up and, in the meantime, shut up.

BTW… how old are these models?

3 comments for “Some People Just Don’t Get It

  1. Anonymous
    June 22, 2007 at 6:55 PM

    Sorry to read about these problems. Sadly there’s always going to be someone who projects their own guilty feelings upon others by accusing them of feeling the very thing they seem to find so vile.

    Personally, I see no difference between line art and photography. Either it’s art or it’s porn. What I mean is, if you do a nude presentation, regardless as to whether it’s line art or photography, it’s either art or porn. Having seen your work for some time, I can honestly say that it doesn’t matter if the models were clothed or nude, I see nothing even remotely lewd about any of the poses, either with the male or female models. I really think this is a case of projection on this person’s part. While I feel saddened that some people might avoid your site due to her unfounded rant, all I can hope for is that any open-minded people who read her rant come here, will see that she’s a closet case and not believe her.

    Please ignore the idiots, and continue to share your wonderful work with the world.


  2. aquaria
    June 23, 2007 at 6:55 AM

    Thanks for your comments, Jeff! We really appreciate them, and we appreciate your support!


  3. True Lover
    May 7, 2008 at 10:11 AM

    I LIKED that you had links to the other sites’ nonsense. I was shocked by the stuff and laughed at some of it as TOO stupid. (“They” had links back to deviantart not dead yet.) Good to be reminded that such as “them” are really out there. Regarding lewdness: I am not bothered by the lewd nor irked by the lacivious: I have seen beautiful in the “XXX” and horror in the “art”.

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