Understated Natural

This past weekend, I had the privilege of shooting Paul, one of our newer models. Paul has always come across as quiet, composed, dark, and somewhat mysterious. This shoot proved no different.

It was a quiet, sunny (yet not too hot) afternoon, and we shot the first part of the shoot in our sleepy downtown area, against a backdrop of an almost iconic brick wall. I’ve been wanting to shoot with that wall as a backdrop for some time now, and with Paul, I finally got the chance.

Paul was a complete natural, and aside from being a tad distracted (embarrassed?) by a couple that happened to be passing through the park area where we were shooting, he was completely relaxed and we had a great time. Paul did have a bit of a bang-up on his bike a few days before, and bore the marks of his cycling misfortune on his elbow and forehead.

After that, we drove about a half mile, where I picked up my newest “toy”, a green-and-gold muslin backdrop that Paul would test out. It is a collapsible muslin 8’x15′ backdrop that soon proved to be quite a challenge to fold and hang. After several attempts, we finally got the backdrop to stand against a tree, and we resumed the shoot.

Overall, the shoot went well, and we look forward to more quality work from Paul in the future!

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