The Bearable Awkwardness of Being

Lovely weather and a lovely setting again combined for a wonderful day of shooting.

It was Jake’s first shoot in almost exactly a year; it is an awe-some thing to watch him grow and become- to develop his own skin and heart and person. We had a quiet shoot in a wooded park, and he again shows why he is one of BY’s most wonderful models.

After his shoot, we were joined by Kaylin for a duet shoot, the idea having originated a few weeks earlier with Kaylin. It is always very interesting to see how the models get along together and the awkwardness it sometimes creates. One thing that isn’t common knowledge about shooting two people- generally, people look farther apart in pictures than they actually are in real space. Therefore, to create a “realistic” picture, the subjects must stand much closer together than they would normally in real life. The models’ general sense of personal space is somewhat invaded.

With that said, nothing unexpected happened with Jake and Kaylin. The early shots definitely show that they are getting accustomed to each other’s closeness. The later shots show the acceptance and ability to work with each other. Both were as personable as ever, and I think that it shows in the shots.

One of the harder things to do with a duet shoot as a photographer is to give direction, especially in a situation where there is intrinsic awkwardness. You don’t want to push the models too far from their comfort zones too quickly, yet you want to harness the time and the light and create the best artistic moments you can. This shoot was definitely a mixed bag. I think some of the later shots will add very nicely to the BeautifulYouth canon, though.

Feel free to comment on this shot, and any other duet shots that BeautifulYouth has done (Jake-Lance, Mandy-Yvette, Mandy-Pee Wee, Abra-Kadabra).

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