Hot and Cold at the Coast

lana090829This weekend past, we travelled to the sunny (?) California coastline to shoot Lana, Nadia, and Jennifer Valeria. We nadia090829arrived at 9:00 a.m., and (no surprise), the marine layer of overcast clouds had not yet burned off. Lana and Nadia were scheduled to do a duo shoot, and both were shivering!

We used the overcast light and cooler temperatures to do some nice work in casual beach clothes with hooded light coats… and after about an hour, sure enough, the summer sun did its work and began peeking through the cloud cover.
Lana and Nadia shot together and alone, up and down the beach, in a variety of wardrobes, and throughout the morning the temperature lurched from cool to hot.lana-nadia090829
By noon, the sun had taken its hold in the sky, and warmed the sands, and we finished with Lana and Nadia. We ate a small picnic lunch, and a short time later were joined by Jennifer Valeria.
jennifer090829Jennifer had requested a beach shoot earlier and was excited, exhibiting her trademark joie de vivre as we traveled up and down the beach, posed by the bluffs, in the sand, and did cartwheels at the water’s edge (well, at least SHE did some cartwheels).
All in all, we had a wonderful day at the beach, and took home some wonderful photos from some very talented models as souvenirs.

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