New Model Esther and Leah Sarah, Try 2

We’re pleased to announce the first shoot of the second of our five new models of the season, Esther! Esther is six years old, and just starting out in the world of modelling. Her exuberance and natural beauty, however, is patently obvious. Our first shoot was in a meadow with a gorgeous lake backdrop… we hope you’ll enjoy seeing the fruits of our first shoot together. Like many of the younger models we’ve started out in the BeautifulYouth Project (other 6-year-old starters include Buzz and Cameron), Esther has many ideas of how she’d like to pose and shoot, and the photoshoot became a wonderful get-to-know-you collaboration as she had no trouble emerging from her shell!

After Esther’s shoot, Leah Sarah arrived to complete her somewhat interrupted shoot from a few weeks before (see post here). Leah Sarah, again, was wonderful to work with, confirming the vibe that we’d received from her first shoot. She is a total natural in front of the camera, and we’ll definitely be looking forward to more shoots with her as she grows into her teen years.

Since we had a free day and weather to spare, we had arranged for Kaylin to meet us at the park and shoot as well! Kaylin arrived, sadly, without one of the dresses she had hoped to model. In the rush to get out of the house, she had left it there! Needless to say, the quality of her work was in no way diminished by this trivial occurrence. We had fun shooting her in a sprite-like summer ensemble, and then in a gorgeous dress (that she did remember to bring) which she had worn for a school dance (and dresses like this are too beautiful to just be worn once!).

As if we hadn’t had enough fun for one day- after Kaylin, Leah Sarah and Esther’s shoot, nine-year BY veteran (and the last survivor of the BeautifulYouth Project’s original models), Jake showed up for his shoot! We had planned the time so that we could continue the Jake-Kaylin series for (at least) one more session, and Jake donned a dress-shirt and tie and had fun mugging with Kaylin in her gorgeous formal dress.

Jake’s solo shoot (his record 22nd shoot for the project) proceeded directly thereafter, and, as usual, Jake showed why he is the BeautifulYouth Project’s most consistent, stalwart model. Despite running on lack of sleep (he had just returned from Las Vegas, where he had won yet another national dance competition), Jake provided a wonderful and professional shoot- just as we’ve come to expect from him.

Note: Jake will be turning 18 this coming April, and we hope to get one final shoot with him before he ages out of the project. Look for that in the springtime.

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