Oh, My. The Hair.

Thanks to all who weathered the recent Pacific storms with us. Our server is housed in the Pacific Northwest, and seems to be susceptible to the forces of nature. Glad to be back online.

This past weekend, had a chance to do a shoot with Tony2 and Mackenzie during a welcome break from the stormy weather (T2 and Mac need your help! See the Patrons’ news for more info!). The first thing I noticed was their HAIR! Yow! Both boys have been letting it grow long (prompting one patron to revisit his high school days)… I think it looks very stylish, yet roguish at the same time.

Tony2 said that he is growing his hair long so that he can donate it to cancer patients who need it. That’s the thing about T2… he is always thinking of others.

The shoot went well, despite trouble locating the “location” (a half hour of driving around in circles tends to make one grumpy… hats off to all involved for keeping cool!). You will be able to see the results of this weekend’s shoot soon in the Patrons’ area, and then , later on, in the main galleries of the site.

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