A Very Cold Day With Zoe

This past Saturday, had the chance to do another shoot with Zoe. It was an odd shoot… while it was fairly sunny, the temperature was definitely on the chilly side. Zoe was very uncomfortable the whole time… even with the jokes I told about how hard it is to be a model these days, and how difficult it must be to have someone pay to photograph you 🙂

In the end, the shoot came out very well, despite the weather- owing to Zoe’s intrinsic affinity for the camera lens. Or- I should say because of the camera lens’ affinity for Zoe. Her striking features rose again to the fore during the shoot, and we were able to collaborate on a very nice set of pictures.

Another first for this shoot- Zoe brought her boyfriend Aaron along. She chooses her companions very well. It’s a little nostalgic for me to see this, as I’ve known Zoe since she was about 5 or 6 years old. It’s been an amazing thing to watch her grow up through the rough pangs of teenagerdom to where she is at 17 years old now- she is her own person, confident and wearing her own skin well. Aaron also chooses his companions well.

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