Cold, Grey California Winter

After an unseasonably warm Saturday, we expected the same on Sunday, and were very much disappointed! While the overcast sky provided excellent shooting light for Abra and Sahara, the weather turned out to be on the chilly side.
Abra shot first, as he had to attend a meeting for an upcoming mission trip to Africa (he and Kadabra are going to Africa to build infrastructure for an orphanage- if you would like to donate, please email to find out how you can help the building effort!). We tried doing an offshoot of the ‘silks’ shoot previously done by Hawk and Jake, but the wind was too strong, and the temperature too cool. We moved into a leather jacket look, and, Abra, with his usual poise and confidence pulled it off well. You’ll notice that he has grown stronger and leaner, with a more chiseled look in the face… a look that the camera seems to love.

Sahara was next, and she pulled up wearing a lovely gown that contrasted well with the grey-winter park surroundings. Some of the best shots from her shoot came against a wintry leafless-tree background, creating a wonderful juxtaposition of sparsity and elegance. Sahara, too, has continued to bloom, trading her ‘cute’ younger looks for a more sophisticated, grown-up appearance. Her carraige and poise suggest confidence and certainty.
Look for the new Abra and Sahara shoots soon in the galleries, and we look forward to more from these talented models!

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