Introducing New Model Olivia to the BeautifulYouth Project

BeautifulYouth Project Model Olivia We are pleased to announce OLIVIA as our newest model for the BeautifulYouth Project. ¬†Olivia recently completed her first shoot with our midwest photographers, Dex and Cole, and becomes the BY Project’s 85th model.

We’re impressed with Olivia’s natural presence in front of the camera – and we know you’ll be excited to see her debut shoot from the BY Project!BeautifulYouth Project Model Olivia

1 comment for “Introducing New Model Olivia to the BeautifulYouth Project

  1. Rebecca
    November 27, 2016 at 2:00 PM

    Hi, Nice blog. Olivia enjoyed her first photo shoot thoroughly. She looks forward to her next shoot in the white fluffy stuff. A winter wonderland shoot.
    Thank you,

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