Deserted Island In the City

We had a wonderful time this past weekend shooting two of our more seasoned models, Kadabra and Buzz. We found a wonderful park on the edge of metropolis that boasted a lake with an island, which, it seems, is mostly used by dirt-bikes (the non-motorized kind). Replete with palm trees, we created a deserted island scenario (as well as using other parts of the lake and park).
First up was Buzz- this is his 7th shoot since starting with the BeautifulYouth Project at age six. Buzz, as always, had many ideas for what he wanted to shoot, and we walked around the lake a few times, shooting at a pier and on the ‘desert island’ itself. Because Buzz’s last shoot felt a bit rushed, we decided to take our time and make sure we got some quality shots… and we tried some experimentation with some wire-and-glass-bead props that we had picked up on sale after last Christmas. The results are wonderful, with some hallmark landscape shots as well as some more artistic shots that defy categorization. As always, Buzz is a pleasure to work with, and his photogenaiety and positive aura shine through at every turn.
Next, we shot Kadabra (without twin Abra this time). As he arrived, he announced that he had just recovered from an appendectomy (that threatened to ruin his 17th birthday!). Despite the new scar and needing to take it easy, Kadabra turned in a wonderful shoot that reflects his growing confidence, poise and easy-going good-looks. Is it just me, or is Kadabra beginning to resemble a young John Travolta? We shot some casual lakeside fashion shots first, then moved onto the island for a ‘Robinson Crusoe’ type look.

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