Jennifer Valeria Near Perfection in New Shoot

jen140920-1BeautifulYouth Project veteran model Jennifer Valeria tore it up yesterday in her latest shoot with the BY Project.  Flawless in every shot and move, she showed why she is a model in demand, and her fame and body of work shows every sign of growing exponentially.

Shooting at sunset in a fashionable shopping district (ha! half the fun was avoiding the patrons of the shopping area!)… Jennifer hit every note perfectly, at times drawing stares and “ahhs” from passers-by, who I’m sure were wondering which superstar they were watching in action.jen140920-2

We know you’ll love the work from this new shoot, and we feel very lucky to have Jennifer as a part of the project.  We are confident that it won’t be long before you’ll be seeing her on the covers of fashion magazines regularly.

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