Two New Models

We’re very pleased to welcome Riley and Hannah to the BeautifulYouth Project. Despite their young age, these two sensational models bring a wealth of experience to the project, having modeled for the likes of Pottery Barn, Mervyn’s, and others.
We embarked on their first shoots today in a lovely sun-drenched park nestled against one of California’s many lovely rivers. Riley shot first, and was gregarious from the get-go. His shoot was marked by joking and fun. Once at the river shoot scene, he began dancing in the water, goofing off, while still pausing between hilarious routines to mug for the camera.
After Riley was finished, we began with Hannah. For her six years, Hannah is incredibly outspoken, poised, and full of ideas. At one point she called Riley over and constructed an incredibly elaborate story line for the both of them to follow over a sequence of shots. Riley was a trooper, and played along, making for a very cute series.

We are excited to have Riley and Hannah as partners in the BeautifulYouth Project, and look forward to many more fun and adventuresome shoots!

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