Milestone and a Farewell to Hawk

This week, we finished the last of the photographs from one of the BeautifulYouth Project’s most prolific models, Hawk.  We were fortunate when Hawk agreed to begin modelling for us back in the fall of 2005, and it was fun to watch him grow through his teenage years into the upstanding young man he is today.

As we say farewell, we also celebrate his 1,250th catalog shot milestone.  After Courtney, Jake, and Lance, Hawk becomes only the 4th BY Project model to hit the 1,250 mark.  We’re proud of his work and his growth in presence in front of the camera.

Hawk, we’ll miss you!

Hawk 2005

Hawk’s first shot in 2005

Hawk 1250

Hawk’s 1,250th Catalog Shot

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