Alexander on the Hottest Day of the Summer

Last weekend, the temperatures rose well into the 3-digit range! We had already scheduled a shoot with BeautifulYouth Project Model Alexander Mikhail. His schedule is so full of activity lately, so we decided to go ahead with the shoot and find a location with some shade and water.Alexander Mikhail BeautifulYouth Project

A cool suburban stream fit the bill, and, though we had to shoot around quite a number of people who had also found this cool oasis, we had a great shoot and managed to stay somewhat cool despite the 100+ degree temperature.

As always, Alexander was fun, playful, and FULL of energy (sometimes it feels like trying to photograph an electron bouncing around a room). But, again, as always, Alexander translated his energy into some fantastic shots. We look forward to another shoot with him later on in the summer!Alexander Mikhail BeautifulYouth Project

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