Autumn Reverie

It used to be that Summer was my favorite season; in many ways it still is and always will be. But Autumn has begin stirring a deep sense in me that cannot be described in words. Part longing, part regret, part hope: the colors, the crisp chill, and the smoky smell of this time of year are something I want to get out visually.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to shoot 3 of our models: Chelsea, Zoe, and Jake. Only once before, with Courtney in 2001, was I able to begin to capture the sense of November in California. With these 3 shoots, I have been able to snatch yet another slice of the ineffable.

Chelsea’s shoot was on a clear, seasonably warm day at a venue overlooking Oakland and the San Francisco Bay. Leaves on the ground from the scattered deciduous trees that nestle in a hidden redwood grove and the blue-hued light that only November can bring set the stage for our shoot.

Next, Zoe posed for what probably will be her last shoot with the BY Project, as she will age out at 18 in January. While I brought a new toy- a giant 8’x12′ green and gold canvas backdrop, the true jewels of the shoot came while shooting against the pale blue sky with autumn leaves, undropped from their trees, in the fore.

Many thanks to Zoe for five wonderful years of some of the best artwork the BeautifulYouth Project has seen. Your contributions framed in your pixie-like grace are honored in the project, and you will be remembered for years to come.

Third, we shot Jake (again with aformentioned green-and-gold canvas wall)… and again, we were drawn away from the false colors into the glory of nature’s reds and yellows. Not much can be said about Jake that has not been said already… he is an amazing natural, with a grace, charm, and ambiance about him that must be seen to be understoood.

Thanks to all the models who participated in this weekend’s shoots… you have made another lasting contribution to the BeautifulYouth Project.

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