4 Shoots, One Location

What a pleasure this past weekend to shoot Abra, Kadabra, Buzz, and Sahara all in one morning! We parked ourselves by the (very busy) American River and got down to business shooting all four of them (though not together). It was a good thing that we picked the AM to shoot, because it was near 90 degrees farenheit when we began the shoot at 9:00 a.m., and topping 100 when it ended, three hours later!

Abra and Kadabra, twins, are such a pleasure to shoot. Just 12 when they joined, they now are approcahing their 15th birthday, and they have grown to become kind, funny, and considerate young men. Soft-spoken and active in their local church, they spent 2 months last year on a mission trip to South America to help those less fortunate. It is definitely a pleasure working with them on the BeautifulYouth Project.

Sahara was next on the shoot list. Enigmatic, modest, and a touch shy (though her mother would disagree on that last one!), Sahara donned a white summer dress that offset the deep hues of the river. In this new shoot, she is sporting a shorter, sportier hairstyle that goes well with Summer and with her pixie-like demeanor. We look forward to many more shoots with Sahara!

Finally Buzz… working with Buzz amuses me every time. He is such an outgoing, exuberant free-spirit! He always knows what he wants in the way of wardrobe, and is a budding photographer himself (he tagged along on the Abra/Kadabra “angel” shoot and took some shots of his own!). This time we discovered a new facet to Buzz’s personality! He hates BUGS! When I had him lean up against a tree for a pose or 2, it was almost comical to see him check out the branch in a Monk-like fashion before resting his arm. Yet his charm and winning smile took the day, and I hope you enjoy what you’ll be seeing from Buzz in his new work!

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