Alex and Jennifer on Eclipse Day

Alexander Mikhail is quite an energetic model!

This past weekend, we had a great shoot with our models Jennifer Valeria and Alexander Mikhail.  We started the shoot in late afternoon, and, just as we were finishing, we got a great look at the spectacular eclipse of the sun!

It’s always a great time shooting Alex and Jennifer- both models are amazingly photogenic and fun to work with.  This is our fifth season with Jennifer; it’s been wonderful watching her grow and change.  Even though her features are maturing and changing, she retains that vibrant aura and amazing way of being in front of the camera.  She’s been busy this year with beauty pageants and auditioning for movies and modelling gigs- and this summer she and Alex will be spending some vacation time in Russia.

Jennifer Valeria's fifth season of shooting shows an evolving look

Alex is as energetic as ever- sometimes capturing him on film feels like capturing a wild electron.  His life force and way of being is energetic and joyful, and it shows up in the photographs.  We look forward to shooting both of them again later on in the Summer!

Look for  Alex and Jen in the upcoming galleries!  The BeautifulYouth Project is lucky to have such a great pair of models as these two!

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