Hot Day, Cool Shoot, New Model

This past weekend, we were fortunate to schedule a shoot with the lovely Jennifer Valeria in the shaded woods around a lovely lake… which made an excellent backdrop on such a warm summer’s day. Also along for the shoot was the BeautifulYouth Project’s newest model, Alexander Mikhail. Alexander is the youngest model the BY Project has shot, so even though we knew his shoot would be shortened to accommodate his younger attention span, we were able to get some wonderful shots, and even paired Jennifer and Alexander up for a couple of wonderful sequences.

Alexander was fun, playful, and very energetic. He took right away to a beat-up Indiana Jones-style hat, and, even with all the pictures, his favorite activity of the afternoon was throwing stones into the lake!
Jennifer, as usual, was wonderful to work with. Poised, fun, and full of the joy

of life that seems to shine through in every shot. We look forward to working with Jennifer and Alexander a couple more times as the summer moves on!

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