Disaster Day

This past weekend, we set off for the gorgeous California coastline to shoot our wonderful model, Kopa. What started out as a great day soon took a turn for the worse.

After parking, near the beach, my glove compartment got stuck open. It seems that an item that was in the glove box fell through behind the glove box, causing it to stick open. As I reached my hand through the small slot to retrieve the item so that I could hurry down to the beach, off slipped my wedding ring and fell down into the abyss behind the glove box as well. Grrr.
Finally got the glove compartment closed (couldn’t reach the ring), and headed to the beach. When Kopa arrived, we got to shooting… but not for long. About ten minutes into the shoot, my trusty six-year-old Canon started misfiring… and soon thereafter wouldn’t work at all. With only a handful of shots in the bag, we left the beach for the long drive home (fortunately Kopa lives

close to the beach we chose!).
Now wondering how to fix or get another camera for the remainder of the summer’s shoots… and how much of the front dashboard of the car I’ll have to remove to get my ring back!
We did get this one lovely shot of Kopa, though, so it wasn’t a total loss.

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