Summer Day at the Estate

This past weekend, we were lucky enough to shoot the four models, Abra, Kadabra, Buzz, and Sahara on the grounds of a lovely estate in the foothills that overlooks the American river. In a stylistic homage to ranch living, the trees, grounds, and view provided us with a wonderful setting.

Abra shot first, sporting a new close-cropped haircut that accentuated his physical stature. During the shoot, he related his recent mission trip to sub-Saharan Africa (with his brother, Kadabra). All the while, I couldn’t help but think what an incredible, selfless person he has turned out to be, and how much more
wonderful a world this would be if more youth were to follow his lead.

Second to shoot was Sahara, who sported a new, shorter haircut and more of a “casual cool” look

than her classic looks of the past. Giving an aura of being more at home in her new look, Sahara exuded a confident “cool” and poise that was wonderful to see.

Third was Buzz, who, through the years, has become more quiet, yet confident, in his appearance before the camera. Buzz enjoyed himself through the shoot, and grows more poised with every shoot.
Last, but not least, it was Kadabra’s turn, and, breaking with tradition, appeared very different than his twin this time. With his hair longer, he evoked the images of rock stars past (and present)… at times seeming to be the reincarnation of poster icons such as Rick Springfield or David Cassidy. Affable and light, Kadabra showed off his book of artwork between sets, showing a keen ability sketching and drawing, and something told me that we may be seeing something from this young man in

galleries before the decade is out.

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