Warm Day at the Railway

This past weekend, we had another wonderful shoot with Jennifer Valeria, one of the BeautifulYouth Project’s newest models. As the temperature threatened to soar into the 100’s, Jennifer Valeria was as cool as a cucumber. Modelling a variety of summer dresses (and a wild red-white-and-blue combo as well), we shot by the same railway siding where we shot Cameron a few months back. Even though the temperature was warm, Jennifer Valeria displayed the same charm, playfulness and poise that she showed in her first shoot (during equally adverse cold weather!) last fall. She is such a natural, and so naturally photogenic, that I’m excited about the results of the shoot, which will be displayed very soon in the Patrons’ galleries (and in the element galleries thereafter). We look forward to pairing Jennifer Valeria with one of the other BY models for a duo shoot next month!

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