Favorite Shoot?- Girls’ Turn

OK… so, perhaps, yesterday, I unfairly left our talented female models out of the list of favorite shoots, so I wanted to make a special post to highlight some of the best shoots that have featured BeautifulYouth’s outstanding female models.

Back in June of 2002, I did a shoot with Courtney entitled “Rocker/Butterfly” shoot (named because of the “ROCKER” shirt she wore during the first part of the shoot, and the butterfly tattoos and accessories she wore during the 2nd part). This has to go down as one of the more fun shoots I’ve done, as we spent the better part of the day shopping for accessories, and finding just the perfect spot in which to shoot (we wound up at a county park about 5 miles out of town- neither of us had been there before, but we saw the street signs, and followed). Again, the weather was great, and we had a good time. I would say that many of the resulting photographs turned out rather nicely.

As for shoots that turned out photographs that go into my personal “favorites” category, Mandy was always “on” in front of the camera. I would mention two of her shoots… her studio shoot with PeeWee from November 2002, and her “Garden” shoot from April of 2002.

The first shoot that went best, I think, would be Piper Rose’s first shoot along the inland piers in June of 2004. From the start, she was a consummate professional, and I found it difficult to take a bad picture of her. She is one of those lucky people whom the camera just plain loves.

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  1. True Lover
    May 7, 2008 at 5:11 AM

    This photo of Pee Wee made me cry. I “hate” you. Now I am “hooked” and I shall have to join up. (After saving up after two weeks of canned beans … But I shall join up?)

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