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Jennifer Valeria Reaches 1,500 Milestone!

BeautifulYouth Model Jennifer Valeria

Long-time BeautifulYouth Project model Jennifer Valeria has just reached the milestone of her 1,500th catalog shot!  We’re pleased to announce that the milestone photo came from the shoot that she remembers as her “favorite”… a lovely day by the beach…

Jennifer Valeria Hits 1,250 Milestone

Jennifer Valeria has reached her 1,250th catalog shot with the BeautifulYouth Project.  Shoot after shoot, she continues to turn in wonderfully artistic and beautiful collaborations.  Congratulations to Jennifer, and we can’t wait to see what happens on the next shoot!

Group Shots Reach 3,000 Milestone

Jennifer Valeria and Tal

The BeautifulYouth Project has been fortunate to see many of our models work together to create awesome artworks… this week, our group shoot catalog has reached it’s 3,000th shot… an incredible milestone. Catalog shot #3000 comes from the awesome Beach…