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Tal Reaches 1250 Milestone

We’d like to take a moment to honor BeautifulYouth Project model Tal, who recently reached the milestone of her 1,250th catalog shot (see below right).  Through the years, Tal has always given us shoots with the best of fashion.  Her…

Tal Hits 1,000 Milestone!

BeautifulYouth Project Model Tal

After her fifth shooting season with the project, we’re pleased to announce that Tal has reached her 1,000th catalog shot with the BeautifulYouth Project!  Capable of so many looks and moods, this fantastic model has reached a milestone enjoyed by…

Fantastic New Shoot with Tal

Tal 2014

They say “good things come to those that wait”, and it couldn’t be truer than our shoot with Tal yesterday. Because of scheduling and vacation conflicts, we were unable to shoot this amazing model this year… until now!  And, as…

Tal Reaches 750 Milestone

BeautifulYouth Project veteran model Tal has reached the 750th catalog shot milestone! We’re very lucky to have such an awesome and poised model such as Tal, who brings her cutting-edge sense of fashion to every shoot. We’re always looking forward…

Group Shots Reach 3,000 Milestone

Jennifer Valeria and Tal

The BeautifulYouth Project has been fortunate to see many of our models work together to create awesome artworks… this week, our group shoot catalog has reached it’s 3,000th shot… an incredible milestone. Catalog shot #3000 comes from the awesome Beach…

Milestone for Tal

Tal 500

Congratulations to Tal on her 500th catalog shot (below) with the BeautifulYouth Project.  Tal is such a natural in front of the camera… we predict big things for her future, and look forward to more shoots with this amazing model!