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We’ve Missed Some Milestones…

As the BY Project’s operations shift and change a bit this year – we’ve been remiss in keeping the blog updated! Since our last post in January of 2018, we’ve missed a few milestones… so we’ll tell you all about…

Ben Hits 500th Catalog Shot Milestone

Congratulations to Ben, who has reached the 500 milestone in his catalog shots with the BeautifulYouth Project! We’re very excited to see Ben grow and develop as a model, and we can’t wait to see more great shots from him…

Tal and Ben at the End of Summer

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of shooting Tal and Ben in their latest shoot for the BeautifulYouth Project- and the results are quite impressive! We’re looking forward to more shoots with these two talented models!

Milestone for Ben

Ben's 250th

We’re happy to announce that Ben has marked his first milestone with his 250th catalog shot for the BeautifulYouth Project!  We look forward to more shoots with Ben!