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Brady and Hailey Reach New Milestones

Brother/Sister duo Brady and Hailey have reached a couple of new milestones! First, Brady has reached his 250th catalog shot with the BeautifulYouth Project! Brady and his sister Hailey also team up to bring us our 4,250th group shot! The…

Group Shots Reach 4,000 Milestone!

BeautifulYouth Project Models Colton and James S

As we’ve said before, some of the best shots we’ve taken at the BeautifulYouth Project happen when 2 or more models collaborate for a group shot.  We’re happy to announce that our “Group” collection has reached its 4,000th catalog shot…

Group Series Hits 3,750 Milestone

BeautifulYouth Models Colton and James S

Our prolific “Group” series has hit the milestone of 3,750 with this classic, and somewhat humorous, shot of Colton and James S.  We’re excited about the collaborations between models, and can’t wait to see what pops up next!