Two Milestones

Congratulations to two of our models, Lilian and Jacob, who have both just reached their 500th catalog entry with the BeautifulYouth Project.
Lilian has always been quietly poised and confident in front of the camera, and her BY portfolio ranges from playful to elegant to serious. Blessed with the stunning features of a print model, she easily maintains her “girl next door” look as well, having been compared to actress Jennifer Garner. It is no wonder, then, that she has recently been retained by one of the nation’s leading modelling agencies. Her last shoot is one that takes time to grow on the viewer, revealing layers of subtlety, grace, and beauty that elude a casual viewing. We wish Lilian the best in all her endeavors and look forward to another shoot soon! Her 500th entry is at left.
Jacob, was a gangly 4th grader and one of our youngest models at the time he joined the BeautifulYouth Project in December of 2004. Soon after his first shoot, he moved across the country, and we wished him well, thinking that we wouldn’t be seeing any more of him. However, at our first photography clinic, two of our participants from the east coast travelled back home and picked up shooting where we left off. Jacob is the first model to be exclusively shot by our Photography Clinic graduates (Cole and Dex)- except, of course, the first shoot. Jacob has grown in surprising and unexpected ways since his first shoot, and we look forward to more shoots from him. His 500th entry is at right.

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