“Cloudy Autumn” Marks Return of BY Model Brady

BeautifulYouth Project models Brady and Hailey The latest shoot from brother-sister team Brady & Hailey is called “Cloudy Autumn”.  Shot by our midwest photographers Dex and Cole, this shoot marks the return of BeautifulYouth Project model Brady who turned in his first solo shoot after a 2-year hiatus (and appearing in some duo shots earlier this summer with sister Hailey).  We’re happy to have Brady back on the project, and Cole & BeautifulYouth Project Model BradyDex do not disappoint with this latest shoot featuring new work by Brady and continuing Hailey’s trajectory as she shows some new looks in her portion of the shoot.

We’re happy to work with this dynamic duo, and look forward to seeing more shoots from them in the future.BeautifulYouth Project Model Hailey

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