Sisters in the Country

This past Saturday, we had lovely shoots with Leah Sarah and Esther as we travelled to a lovely local wilderness preserve nestled in an old-growth sycamore grove. Both girls had come from successful auditions for television and web shows earlier in the day, but, rather than being tired, seemed to be more energized and ready to shoot.

The setting sun provided a lovely warmth of light. Alternating the shoots (one set with Leah Sarah, then one with Esther, then repeating), we looked to make good use of the idyllic backdrops. Leah Sarah was her usual poised self,
acutely aware of her camera presence.

Esther, as always, was full of her joie de vivre and had a lot

of fun trying different poses.
We’re looking forward to seeing both Esther and Leah Sarah at our upcoming Super Shoot weekend!

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